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The smoother your processes, the stronger your business.
Uptown Consultants solves business issues for teams, events and companies as a whole. Immediately improve your business with keen insights from pros who know how to maximize your opportunities.


Need litigation assistance? We help you win the day in court.
Uptown’s litigation prep and strategy brings you a few giant leaps closer to winning your case. Create positive case outcomes with assistance from dependable, organized, action-oriented litigation prep specialists.



Want to expand? Uptown takes you from local to global.
Our team uses diverse international business consulting strategies that have been tested and proven on the biggest playing fields in business. Uptown’s global consultants offer international business consulting insights unmatched on the open market.


The rise of the web has brought a marked increase in the amount of information we have as well as our ability to communicate. Unfortunately, the same elements that make the internet so useful also make it easy to disparage people online. Facing online attacks is often the results of libelous campaigns from individuals with negative agendas. During contentious legal battles, marketing wars, personal disputes and other conflicts, anyone can be attacked online by anger-driven individuals with no legitimate charges. 

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